Gin & Tonic

Mix the gin, tonic water and sugar syrup together then stir in the xanthan gum. You may need to heat a little tonic water in order to get the xanthan to dissolve before adding it to the drink. Pour into a serving glass and chill for an hour. To serve add a teaspoon full of lemon and lime flavoured ‘pearls’ and stir them in – they should be suspended throughout the cocktail.

Gravy using Xanthan Gum

Flour is the traditional thickener for a standard meat gravy but can dull the flavour of the finished sauce, impart a distinct floury taste or encourage lumps to form. These can all be avoided by using xanthan gum in place of flour. 0.5g should be enough to thicken around 300ml of gravy.

Xanthan Gum

What is it? Xanthan is a thickener derived from a type of bacteria that release a sticky gum. This gum is extracted and dried and has been used in a huge variety of pre-prepared foods. Recently, chefs have begun using it for its unique thickening properties and ability to mimic the ‘mouthfeel’ of traditionally high fat products.