Basic Gel

Heat the juice, water or stock then add the kappa Carrageenan. Leave to set then cut into desired sized pieces. This is ideal for making dessert garnishes or tasty additions to cocktails.

Ham ‘Lentils’

Heat the pork stock and kappa Carrageenan to just below boiling point and using a warmed syringe or bottle dropper squeeze out small lentil sized blobs of the liquid onto a non-stick mat. Leave to set and then gather up using the side of a knife or dough scraper. They can be served warm (no hotter than 70°C) or c

Jellied rose petals

Heat the water, rose water and kappa Carrageenan to 100°C then spoon over rose petals. Leave to set in the fridge and use as a garnish for a huge range of desserts

Kappa Carrageenan

What is it? Kappa Carrageenan is a gelling agent extracted from a type of red seaweed that grows off the Irish coast. It has been used to make a traditional Irish pudding for centuries and is now being used by some of the world’s top chefs as an alternative to traditional gelling agents such as […]