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Ham ‘Lentils’

Heat the pork stock and kappa Carrageenan to just below boiling point and using a warmed syringe or bottle dropper squeeze out small lentil sized blobs of the liquid onto a non-stick mat. Leave to set and then gather up using the side of a knife or dough scraper. They can be served warm (no hotter than 70°C) or c

Jellied rose petals

Heat the water, rose water and kappa Carrageenan to 100°C then spoon over rose petals. Leave to set in the fridge and use as a garnish for a huge range of desserts

Lavender Rice Pudding with Black Olive Caramel

Lavender Rice Pudding with Black Olive Caramel

Infuse 200ml of milk with a few lavender leaves and sweeten by dissolving in two tablespoons of sugar. Toast some risotto rice over a high heat and add a nob of butter and 25ml of sweet vermouth. Pour over the warmed milk, cook for 20 minutes, or until the rice is tender, stirring occasionally…

Sheer Awesomeness – Molecular gastronomy in the home

Of all the culinary fads and fashions and phases and phenomena, molecular gastronomy is perhaps the one that excites me most. Of course, I adore and pursue simplicity in much of my cooking and gastronomic pursuits but there is something so wondrous, so exciting and almost ethereal about re-imaging food in way propounded by Heston […]